‘The guides tailored the information to our needs and understanding really well’ – group leader

£3.50 per student, minimum 10 – maximum 60 students.

19 March – 30 October, Tuesday- Sunday, beginning before 11.30am
24 November – 18 December, Tuesday- Sunday, beginning before 11.30am

General tours of the main Museum collection take place outside of normal opening hours, are led by a trained guide and last 60 to 90 minutes. Students will be divided into groups of ten to fifteen people and each group must be accompanied by at least one tutor or chaperone.

Specialised tours are also available for students studying particular subjects (such as textiles or decorative arts) or with access or learning difficulties.

Tours are not conducted whilst the Museum is open to the public due to the logistics of the building.


All groups need to book in advance and will receive written confirmation of their visit. For bookings and general enquiries contact the Groups Manager on 01225 823019 or use our contact form.