KS3 – Post-16

Our sessions provide opportunities for learners to interact, discuss, create, question and develop opinions based on evidence.  We aim to give children and young people fun, and memorable learning experiences that will inspire their curiosity.

  • Handle real artefacts
  • Investigate documents from the archive
  • National curriculum links

Learning Sessions

Learning sessions take place in the mornings and last for 2 hours 30mins (with a break).

During the session, 1 hour will be spent in the Museum and 1 hour will be spent either investigating artefacts and documents or taking part in art activities in our education space (depending on your session choice).

You are very welcome to stay for lunch, visit the rest of the Museum and gardens self-led in the afternoon.

Each session costs £130 (c. 30 pupils)



Native Americans –History, Diversity, Culture and Legacy

Find out about the diversity traditional Native American life and crafts, go on a trail around the museum, handle interesting artefacts, play traditional Native American games and experience weaving small individual rugs like the Navajo people.


English Colonists And The New World 

Experience the journey to the new world and life as an early colonist in America. What would you take with you? How would you survive? Handle real objects owned by people from that time, dress up in settlers clothing, go on a trail around the museum and try your hand at traditional settler’s crafts and skills. Make your own class quilt to take back to your school!


American West

Find out the real story about the American West.  Discover the lives of cowboys, Native Americans, Pioneers and Gold miners. Explore and handle artefacts used by cowboys, Native Americans, pioneers and gold miners. Go on a quest around the museum and experience some skills and crafts used in the American West.


The Transatlantic Slave Trade and slave resistance in America

Use the Museum’s archive and handling collections to uncover the experiences of enslaved Africans, explore forms of resistance and reveal some of slavery’s lasting legacies in the United States.


Travel Grant

We are pleased to be able to offer travel grants of up to £300 to help schools cover the cost of travel to and from the museum. The grant is available for schools with pupil(s) in the visiting group who receive benefits via pupil premium, free school meals, or looked after under local authority care. To claim the travel grant, please send us a brief written outline of how your visiting group meet these criteria. You will also need to send us a copy of your paid coach invoice and your school payment details after your visit. If you are visiting us on more than one day, you will be able to request the grant to help cover the cost for 2 days of your travel. Please email stephen.dunning@americanmuseum.org for more information.

Outreach Sessions

Why not book one of our outreach sessions, where children can experience some of our collection hands on? Bring historical stories to life from your classroom through object handing and engage in creative crafts.

2020 Learning Dates:

We can welcome onsite and are available for outreach visits from 7 September – 1 November, 26 November – 20 December 2020.

If your required date falls outside of this period, please get in touch to see if we can arrange an outreach session at your school.

We recommend the following ratio of adults to students:

•  1:4 for children of seven years and under

•  1:7 for children of eight years and above.