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Free digital guide


Enjoy the American Museum & Gardens anywhere, anytime with Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. This free digital guide offers a fascinating new way to explore our world class collections – whether you’re visiting in person, or virtually from anywhere in the world. 

After downloading the Bloomberg Connects app – search for, or scroll to ‘American Museum & Gardens’ to start planning your visit.

If you are visiting in person, look out for Bloomberg Connects magnifying glasses around our site. Enter the lookup number, or use the map tab, to access exclusive multimedia content related to the the space you are in. Don’t forget to bring your headphones.  

If visiting virtually, all this exciting content is available to explore by scrolling through our Bloomberg Connects homepage.

Featured on our Bloomberg Connects guide: 

  • Explore the collection – Our galleries come to life through Bloomberg Connects. Learn more about your favourite spaces and objects, or discover something new! Our digital guide currently features over 100 items from our world-renowned collection – and we’re adding new items all the time.  
  • Dig deeper – Discover the fascinating origins of the American Museum & Gardens and its unique period rooms, and learn about our exciting plans for the future.   
  • Stay connected – Hear about our forthcoming exhibitions and displays, our latest digital content, and much more. 
  • Information about food and drink, shopping, membership, and accessibility. 

The app is available in many languages (including Arabic, Welsh, German, Greek, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and Dutch) thanks to integration with Google Translate. It is fully compatible with screen reading devices, and all multimedia content is captioned and transcribed.  

In addition to the American Museum & Gardens, Bloomberg Connects lets you explore museums, galleries, sculpture parks, gardens, and cultural spaces around the world, all with one free download from the App Store or Google Play.