The Museum’s collection of furniture, paintings, quilts, silver, and glass is presented in a series of Period Rooms within the historic Claverton Manor. Quilts and textiles are also showcased in the Textile Room. On the lower-level the American Heritage Exhibition tells the stories of the Founding Fathers, Native Americans, and the Civil War, through a series of interactive galleries that bring the development of America and American culture to life with bright and tactile exhibits – great for kids of all ages!

The Museum’s Shaker furniture is celebrated throughout the world. The Shakers arrived in America only a few years before the Revolution. Mother Ann’s teachings shaped all aspects of Shaker daily life, including the design of village furniture. She advocated that each thing, spiritual or otherwise, should be made: ‘plain and simple … unembellished by any superfluities’. The linear elegance of the Shaker pieces at the American Museum reflects this founding principle of strength through simplicity.

For enquiries about the collection please contact a member of the curatorial department.

  • Period Rooms

    Many items in our collection are displayed in a series of historic room settings.

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  • Folk Art

    The American Museum’s folk art collection testifies to the exuberant resourcefulness of art and home decoration made ‘by the people, for the people’.

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  • Quilts & Textiles

    Ranging from the eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, the American Museum’s collection of over 200 quilts is acclaimed as the finest of its type in Europe and the equal of many premier collections in the United States

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  • Display of chairs in American Heritage Exhibition

    American Heritage Exhibition

    To help our largely British audience better appreciate American history, the Museum opened its extensive American Heritage Exhibition in 2007

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  • Dallas Pratt Map Collection

    In 1988, Dallas Pratt gifted his 200 maps to the Museum – one of the greatest Renaissance map collections in Europe.

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