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Museum Pop-up Talks

Many days of the week


Interesting and informative pop-up talks happen every week at the Museum. These 15-minute talks cover a wide variety of topics about American culture and history. Ask the Ticket Office if a talk is scheduled on the day of your visit.


American Road Trip Writings

Hear about the popular road-trip genre in American literature. What makes authors embark on a road trip?

Echoes of Greece

What is it that connects Claverton Manor to ancient Greece and Rome? A look at the art and architecture that ties the two together.

Folk Art Highlights

One of our knowledgeable volunteers will pick out particular highlights from the Museum’s collection and share their insights with you.

Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses lived to an amazing 101! But what was truly remarkable was that she only took up painting in earnest in her late seventies and yet within a few years was one of America’s most famous, and arguably, best loved artists.

Hamilton – The Man & The Musical

Why was he the ‘Forgotten Founding Father’ and how did the musical come to be written and how did that bring him to public attention?

History of the American Museum

Why is there an American Museum here? Learn about our founders and their vision.

History of Claverton Manor

This neo-classical house, built in 1820, has a fascinating history. Learn about some of its characterful occupants.

King George III & the War of Independence

King George’s role – real or imagined – in the defeat of Great Britain in the American War of Independence.

Mrs Conkey’s Cookery

Come meet Mrs Rebecca Conkey, our very own 18th Century, Massachusetts tavernkeeper. She will chat with you about the food and drink she serves her customers and you will hear about some of the favorite dishes she serves in her farmhouse tavern.

Plagues & Potions     

Early physik for the first colonists … plagues, pestilence and potions. What did early colonists need to bring with them to treat disease, who practiced medicine and what did they learn when they arrived from the indigenous peoples?

The Salem Witch Trials

Learn the truth behind this infamous tale of witchcraft, persecution and murder which took place in 1692 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Shays’ Rebellion

Come to Conkey’s Tavern and find out about its most famous patron, Daniel Shays, who led a rebellion in 1786/87 in response to the injustices brought about by the Massachusetts State Legislature – a catalyst in the creation of a stronger Federal Government and the adoption of a new Constitution for the United States.

Textile Room Highlights

One of our knowledgeable volunteers will pick out particular highlights from the Museum’s vast textile collection and share their insights with you.

Tiffany Glass and Silver

Hear about this famous American company and take a closer look at the Museum’s collection of Tiffany Glass and Silver.


Please note, the American Museum & Gardens is open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am–5pm. We are open on Mondays only for bank holidays and during BANES school holidays.



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