Hatching the Past

Hatching the Past: American Dinosaur Explorers

16 July – 31 December 2022


The American Museum & Gardens presents Hatching the Past: American Dinosaur Explorers in our Exhibition Gallery from 16 July to 31 December.

Take a rare and exciting look at the life of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and embryos. This remarkable hands-on exhibition offers an astounding array of dinosaur eggs and nests collected from all over the globe, with a special focus on the importance of American fossil sites in our understanding of dinosaurs.

A captivating experience for all ages, Hatching the Past invites visitors to touch real dinosaur bones and reconstructed nests, dig for eggs in our interactive dig pits, and view animated video presentations. Featuring a 9-meter long Tarbosaur skeleton, cousin of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Baby Louie, a fascinating complete skeleton of a dinosaur embryo. This fully multi-media experience helps give credence to long debated theories that dinosaurs and birds are closely related.