US Friends of the American Museum & Gardens

The US Friends of the American Museum & Gardens aims to raise awareness of the Museum’s work, furthers cross-cultural exchange between the UK and the USA which is at the heart of our mission, and plays a key role in providing essential financial support for the Museum.

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In addition to support from the US Friends, American and British colleagues working and volunteering at the American Museum & Gardens in Bath are further supported by the New York City based Halcyon Foundation and a US council.

The Halcyon Foundation was established by the Museum’s founders Dr Dallas Pratt to provide on-going financial support to the Museum. A Halcyon Board, based in New York, liaises with the Museum and helps ensure its future sustainability.


Halcyon Board Members

  • Linda Hackett Munson – President
  • Bibi Conrad – Vice President
  • Mark Haranzo – Secretary & Treasurer
  • Lesley B. Hoopes – Vice President
  • Bruce Horten – Vice President
  • Jane Gleason – Vice President
  • Carolyn MacDonald – Vice President
  • Pauline Metcalf – Vice President
  • Barbara Slifka – Emeritus


US Council Members

  • Claire Cox
  • George Timothy Deason
  • Curt DiCamillo
  • Sunny Dupree
  • Judith Groppa
  • John Peters Irelan
  • Frank Mauran IV
  • Liz Mauran
  • Luke Ives Pontifell
  • Wendy Wick Reaves
  • Barbara Reibel
  • Donna Stein