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  • Cigar Silk Ribbon Quilt Top [Object]

    Cigar silk ribbons have been foundation-pieced to a backing fabric, in the same manner as Log Cabin quilts. The seams have been decorated with feather embroidery stitches – an embellishment...

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  • Crazy Patchwork Portière [Object]

    One of a pair of curtains made from Crazy patchwork in silk, velvet, ribbon, and brocaded silk. Silk embroidery stitches cover the seams and add embellishment. Some of the animals...

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  • Crazy Fan Quilt [Object]

    Pieced from silk and velvet scraps, twenty-five Crazy patchwork and Fan blocks (11 in square) make up this sofa throw. As well as having heavy embroidery along the seams, several...

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  • Album Quilt Top [Object]

    Quilt top only – not layered and quilted. Twenty-five appliquéd blocks, using ‘broderie perse’ (cut-out chintz), contrast with bold red and green silhouettes stitched onto plain cotton fabric. National symbols...

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  • Martha Washington doll [Object]

    This small doll, dressed and styled to look like Martha Washington, was probably made during the Colonial Revival. This movement – that began in 1876 – saw Americans trying to...

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  • Hannah Taylor Sampler [Object]

    Samplers were made by young girls learning to sew different embroidery stitches. Proud parents would display them in the parlour to show that they were wealthy enough to send their...

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