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  • Log Cabin Quilt – Barn Raising Variation [Object]

    Narrow cotton strips (almost ½ in wide) have been used to construct basic Log Cabin blocks. The backing is also pieced, with sixty squares (7 in wide) pieced from half-square...

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  • Log Cabin Quilt – Pineapple Variation [Object]

    Small silk quilt constructed with the variation of Log Cabin known as Pineapple (so-called because of its spiky appearance). The edge has been trimmed with silk ‘tongues’. The piece has...

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  • Garden Wreath Quilt [Object]

    Twelve appliqué blocks (with floral designs) on white background alternate with yellow blocks (with green pieced maple leaf design). The blocks are set on point, with a wide border containing...

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  • Darts of Death or Widow’s Quilt [Object]

    Black and white Darts of Death blocks alternate with plain white squares. The blocks are set on point in a black border (2 in wide), which is in turn surrounded...

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  • Eagle [Object]

    German-born Wilhelm Schimmel (1817–1890) was an itinerant carver who travelled throughout Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He is particularly known for his Habsburg-style eagles with outstretched wings. It is thought that Schimmel...

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