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  • Red Whole-Cloth Quilt [Object]

    Red cotton and linen twill Whole-Cloth quilt, with floral motif in central medallion. Borders quilted with geometric designs. Bound and backed with the same red fabric. The term ‘Whole-Cloth’ is somewhat...

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  • Nine Snowballs Woven Coverlet [Object]

    This popular geometric pattern is known as Nine Snowballs. The use of bright green and its complementary colour, red, lend a cheery air to the design. The wool weft has...

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  • Hooked bed rug (fragment) [Object]

    This beautiful and bright needlework panel is one of two pieces in the collection that have been cut from the same larger textile. They have been identified as being part...

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  • Hannah Taylor Sampler [Object]

    Samplers were made by young girls learning to sew different embroidery stitches. Proud parents would display them in the parlour to show that they were wealthy enough to send their...

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