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  • Union Quilt [Object]

    Four plump eagles with olive branches in their beaks are appliquéd to the corners of a bright orange background, surrounding a central star. The grey-brown fabric was originally green. The...

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  • Eagle [Object]

    German-born Wilhelm Schimmel (1817–1890) was an itinerant carver who travelled throughout Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He is particularly known for his Habsburg-style eagles with outstretched wings. It is thought that Schimmel...

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  • Eagle Appliqué Quilt [Object]

    Appliqué in butterscotch on ivory background. Central eagle holding a floral branch in its beak, with 13 stars arched around the top, framed with floral vases and strapwork. Border has...

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  • Susan of Nantucket Scimshaw [Object]

    Scrimshaw – the art of incising decorative motifs onto ivory – began on whaling ships in the Pacific Ocean between 1745 and 1759. It quickly became a popular pastime for...

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