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  • Daffodil Dress and Underskirt [Object]

    A beige silk dress, lined with yellow silk satin and yellow underskirt. The dress is hand embroidered with daffodils. Small glass beads form the centre of the flowers. The gown...

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  • Squash Blossom Necklace [Object]

    Squash blossom necklaces are some of the most well known designs of Native American jewellery. These silver and turquoise designs are emblematic of the native culture in the southwest. Turquoise...

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  • Satin cape [Object]

    Cream silk satin cape made for Beatrice Benjamin Cartwright for her presentation at the Court of St. James in 1924. Strict rules governed the colour and shape of these court...

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  • Martha Washington doll [Object]

    This small doll, dressed and styled to look like Martha Washington, was probably made during the Colonial Revival. This movement – that began in 1876 – saw Americans trying to...

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