Here are some of our top recommendations for exploring our amazing gardens

1. It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for you! Head off into the wilderness and see what you can discover in the gardens and arboretum. Make sure you take photos of your discoveries so you can share them with your friends, and with us too.

2. Step back in time to the Mount Vernon Garden and imagine life in the late 18th century in the garden of George Washington.

3. Go cactus spotting. Don’t touch though.

4. Are you as tall as our Alliums? Thought not but good try.

5. Or you could just grab a takeaway drink and chill out on the terrace or lawn, looking out over the Limpley Stoke Valley. Top tip: you might need someone to come and wake you up, it’s VERY peaceful out there.


Fun with your four legged friend. Five things to keep your best friend happy.

1. Make sure you have a map so you know where to explore. Always good to stretch your legs after you’ve been in the car so head down to the Parkland for acres of grass and great views.

2. Sniff out our gardens. Blossoms, petals, bright colours and twisting paths. If you see nay fruit though, leave that for the wildlife.

3. If it’s hot and sunny grab some shade in the arboretum and pretend you’re in the wilderness. Just remember to pack up any erm, waste you or your four legged friend might leave.

4. Take a break on the terrace. The Garden Café has got loads of takeaway treasts for humans and the terrace has dog bowls for your pooch. Ignore the chairs, just spread out on the grass and relax.

5. Remember to keep your four legged friend on a lead. We have lots of birds and other wildlife they might want to chase after. We don’t want anyone getting lost!