Museum Explorer Backpacks and downloadable garden trail

Set off on your own American adventure and explore the Museum with one of our activity back packs. Inside are a range of activities to help you uncover the amazing stories and objects in the Museum, including aroma boxes, items of costume, quilt puzzles, replica handling objects, riddles, and other exciting activities.

There are three packs, each with a different American animal theme: Baby Bear (4-6 years), Raccoon (6-8 years), and Eagle (8- 11 years). Back packs can be picked up at Reception. Don’t forget to collect your sticker when you’ve finished.

We also have a new Gardens trail . Simple explorer fun for all ages

Download the Gardens explorer map

Just ask for a pencil when purchasing your tickets.

During the holidays we also have fab themed trails around the gardens. There is a small charge for the trails which come with a prize. All monies raised from these trails helps keep our back packs topped up, our lawns cut and all our objects cared for, for future generations.