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  • Chalice Quilt [Object]

    Thirty white blocks with applique motif representing a chalice alternate with solid red blocks. The backing is made of three pieces of red and white striped cotton machined together,...

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  • Fashion Archives on Film: Beatrice Pratt— The Ball [Page]

    Watch a film about Beatrice Pratt, wealthy New York socialite and mother to Dallas Pratt, co-founder of the American Museum in Britain. This film looks at the life of Beatrice around 1916, as she prepares for the Ball of Gods. It was created by students from Bath Studio School and is based on archive research.

    Published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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  • Ashoken Junction [Object]

    The founders of The American Museum in Britain regarded this painting as the ‘grandparent’ of the Museum’s entire collection, as it was the first piece of Americana that they ever...

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  • Iridescent Glass Vase [Object]

    Opaque blue glass vase with two bands of purple and gold decoration wrapping around. Purple iridescence to exterior. Etched on base: 'L.C.T.' 'K1080'. Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of the...

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  • Pink Whole-Cloth Quilt [Object]

    Pink glazed-wool quilt, backed with unglazed khaki-coloured wool. Evenly stitched hand-quilting. Parallel diagonal lines fill the negative space between flowing lines of running feather, bunches of grapes and roses. This Whole-Cloth...

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  • Our videos [Page]

    Watch videos about the American Museum and our exhibitions.

    Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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  • Newsletter March 2016 [Page]

    Published: Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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  • Cigar Store Indian [Object]

    Wearing a headdress with lustrous ostrich feathers and a girdle with a scabbard, this fantasy figure of a Native American was carved by a master craftsman. Note the precise way...

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  • Round Stand [Object]

    'Dr. Dallas Pratt recalled the acquisition of this particular stand in his unpublished memoir: A piece which they kept in their house, because they were so fond of it, and which...

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  • Kittiwake Gull [Object]

    This is plate CCXXIV (Black-legged Kittiwake: Rissa tridactyla) from John James Audubon's book 'Birds of America'. The gull breeds from Siberia and Baffin Island to Kamchatka and Gulf of St...

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