Discover the American Museum’s collections with an engaging, interactive workshop led by our experienced learning team. Artefacts and documents are at the heart of all our learning programmes. What will your class discover?

‘Superb experience’ – teacher

‘The artefact handling workshop was so well planned, with clear stages and fascinating objects for the children to see and feel’ – teacher

Programmes last two and a half hours and are led by the Learning Officer. All programmes have direct links to the National Curriculum at the Key Stages indicated, although programmes can be adapted to suit other age groups. We are happy to design bespoke programmes wherever possible.

Please click on the relevant link below for full details of each programme.

History and Geography Programmes:

Native Americans: as Varied as the Land

Discover the diversity of Native American peoples and explore how different tribes adapted to their natural environments by examining their art, tools, and clothing.

For Key Stage 1 to 3

England and the Colonisation of America

What was life like for early colonists in America? Find out about the journeys made by settlers and explorers and their daily lives in the New World.

For Key Stage 1 to 3

The American West

Learn to discern fact from fiction as you use artefacts and documents to discover the history of the American West.

For Key Stages 2 to 3

Understanding Slavery in America

Use the Museum’s object, archival, and handling collections to uncover the experiences of enslaved people, explore forms of resistance and reveal some of the slavery’s lasting legacies in the United States.

For Key Stage 3 to A Level

Art, Textiles and Design Programmes:

Native American Art

Explore the Museum’s Native American objects, from totem poles to feast spoons, beaded moccasins to kachina dolls and take part in a creative workshop.

For Key Stage 1

Extraordinary Artists

The Museum’s folk art gallery is full of art made by extraordinary, ordinary people. Explore playful, engaging art and sculpture and take part in a creative workshop.

For Key Stages 1 and 2

For Key Stage 3

Textile Traditions

Discover the Museum’s famous collection of quilts, Navajo blankets, rugs, and samplers. Get up close with our textiles handling collection and take part in a creative workshop.

For Key Stages 1 and 2

Key Stage 3 to A Level

Booking and Costs

All groups need to book in advance and will receive written confirmation of their visit. For bookings and general enquiries contact the Groups Manager on 01225 823019 or using our contact form.

School programmes cost £120 for a group of maximum 30 students (Art programmes £130 to cover cost of materials).

We are pleased to be able to offer travel grants of up to £200 to help schools cover the cost of travel to the Museum.

School programmes are available between the following dates:

22 March – 28 October, Tuesday – Friday, beginning before 11.30am
24 November – 16 December, Tuesday – Friday, beginning before 11.30am

Programmes are not conducted whilst the Museum is open to the public due to the logistics of the building.