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‘Enlightening, interesting, eye opening, fun’ – KS3 student

Many of our learning sessions can now be offered as outreach visits to your school. Outreach sessions can be offered to schools in the Bath and Bristol area all year-round. Availability may be restricted during the Museum’s open season.

Sessions last approximately two hours but can be adapted to suit school timetables. All sessions are linked to the National Curriculum.


Outreach Sessions


Native Americans: as Varied as the Land

Discover the diversity of Native American peoples and discover how different tribes adapted to their natural environment by examining art, tools, and clothing.

Curriculum Links: Geography, history

Cost: £120 per class (c.30 pupils)


Native American Art

Explore the Museum’s Native American objects, from totem poles to feast spoons, beaded moccasins to kachina dolls.  Learn about the people that made these objects, and create your own art work to take back to school.  Choose between Hopi kachina dolls or Pueblo Pots.

Curriculum Links: Art and Design, geography, history

Cost: £130 per class (c.30 pupils) + travel expenses


American West

Learn to discern fact from fiction as you use artefacts to uncover the history of the American West.  Handle artefacts used by cowboys, Native Americans, pioneers and gold miners.

Curriculum Links: Geography, history

Cost: £120 per class (c.30 pupils) + travel expenses


England and the Colonisation of America

What was life like for early colonists in America? Find out about the journeys made by settlers and explorers, and their daily lives in the New World.

Curriculum Links: History

Cost: £120 per class (c.30 pupils) + travel expenses


Understanding Slavery in America

Use the Museum’s archive and handling collections to uncover the experiences of enslaved people, explore forms of resistance and reveal some of slavery’s lasting legacies in the United States.

Links: KS3 History — Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901

OCR History A — Migration & Empire 1688-c.1730

OCR History B — The Making of America, 1789-1900

Cost: £120 per class (c.30 pupils) + travel expenses


Textile Traditions

Get inspired by the Museum’s famous collection of quilts, Navajo blankets, rugs, and samplers. Take a closer look at our textile handling collection and create your own piece of weaving.

Curriculum Links: Art and Design

Cost: £130 per class (c.30 pupils) + travel expenses



To discuss outreach adaptations of our learning sessions, and to find out more about having the American Museum visit your school, contact the Learning Officer on 01225 823014 or use our contact form.