Terms and Conditions

The purchase of a photographic print, transparency or digital image does not carry with it the right to make a reproduction.

An application must be made for reproduction rights and permission to reproduce is dependent on payment and the full acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed below.

Any unauthorised reproduction of The American Museum in Britain’s copyright images constitutes an infringement of rights, rendering those responsible liable for the payment of fees not less that twice that charged for properly authorised reproduction, in addition to damages, if appropriate.

Permission to reproduce the image covers the stated publication for the stated purpose only. The rights that are granted in respect of the image are non-exclusive. All reprints, extensions to the usage period, further editions or use of the image, including an increase in print run, requires a new application to the Museum and payment of a further fee.

This licence does not in any way transfer copyright. Copyright in the image remains the property of The American Museum in Britain.

Where the copyright is not fully owned by The American Museum in Britain it is the responsibility of the Client to obtain all necessary permissions from the owner of any copyright in the image. The client agrees to indemnify the Museum against any costs or damages arising from the failure to obtain such permissions.

Each reproduction of the image must include an acknowledgement which may be consistent with the acknowledgements used in the rest of the work, but must contain at a minimum the phrase ‘American Museum in Britain’ unless otherwise indicated. The cropping or manipulation of images is not allowed without express permission, and any such alterations to the presentation of an image must be acknowledged alongside. This applies to printed and digital reproductions.

The Client must send at least one complimentary copy of each publication or product to the Museum for our records.

It is strictly prohibited to make duplicates, including digital duplication, of any images supplied by the Museum, except where such is incidentally and wholly necessary to the process of production for products properly licensed by the Museum. At the conclusion of such production, all intermediate copies of the material must be destroyed.