• Display of chairs in American Heritage Exhibition

American Heritage Exhibition

The Museum opened to visitors in July 1961 to celebrate the decorative arts of America. The Museum’s mission is to educate, stimulate, and inspire its visitors in order to further the understanding of American history and culture. To help our largely British audience better appreciate American history, the Museum opened its extensive American Heritage Exhibition in 2007 (financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund).

Interactive and audiovisual displays that appeal to all ages bring to life the history of America. Key documents are showcased, such as the ‘Declaration of Independence’ (1776), the ‘Gettysburg Address’ (1863), and Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech (1963). Decorative items made by Native Americans are on view, along with treasures from New Mexico, and a quilt made by Plantation slaves. Young visitors are welcome to dress up in the pilgrim or cowboy costumes provided, and enjoy the digital interactive games on offer.