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  • Narratio Regionum Indicarum … (A Very True Account of the Destruction of the Indies by the Spanish) [Object]

    When Columbus first landed in Hispaniola in 1492, Bartolomé de las Casas estimated that the island’s population was three to four million, ruled by chiefs and supported by highly productive...

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  • Cotton Kerchief [Object]

    This cotton kerchief belonged to Nancy Burns (1800 - 1849). She was a freed slave who found work as a house servant. The scarf is displayed at the Museum alongside...

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  • Chalice Quilt [Object]

    Thirty white blocks with applique motif representing a chalice alternate with solid red blocks. The backing is made of three pieces of red and white striped cotton machined together,...

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  • Chintz Summer Bedspread [Object]

    Lightweight for summer use, this bedspread is decorated with pieced hexagons (1 in wide) arranged in flower and star patterns on a white cotton background. The top is divided into...

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  • Portrait of Nancy Burns [Object]

    Framed water colour portrait of Nancy Burns (1800 - 1849). Nancy was the daughter of slaves in Albany. She became a free woman and was in the service of Pierre...

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  • Portrait of a Gentleman – Daniel Coker? [Object]

    Joshua Johnson is considered to be the first significant African-American artist. He worked in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1796 to 1824. It is not known whether he received formal training as...

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