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  • Emma Thompson [Object]

    Sturtevant J. Hamblen was born into a family of decorative painters in Maine. Three of his brothers listed themselves in business directories as ‘House, sign and fancy painters’ but Sturtevant...

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  • Ashoken Junction [Object]

    The founders of The American Museum in Britain regarded this painting as the ‘grandparent’ of the Museum’s entire collection, as it was the first piece of Americana that they ever...

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  • New England Gentleman [Object]

    Among the most celebrated of American folk painters, John Brewster Jr. (1766-1854) was his own greatest creation. The son of a prominent doctor in Hampton, Connecticut, Brewster was born profoundly...

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  • General Sir Henry Clinton [Object]

    Sir Henry Clinton, British officer and diplomat, was born in Newfoundland and educated in Britain. He distinguished himself along with Generals William Howe and John Burgoyne at the Battle of...

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  • Portrait of a Gentleman – Daniel Coker? [Object]

    Joshua Johnson is considered to be the first significant African-American artist. He worked in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1796 to 1824. It is not known whether he received formal training as...

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  • Two Women in an Interior [Object]

    Reverse glass painting in original Cantonese gilt and black lacquered frame. The women, elegantly dressed in embroidered robes, sit within a room whose apertures reveal trees and the distant shore...

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