Native Spirit Digital Film Festival 2020

November 2, 2020 -

November is Native American Heritage Month in the US. It is a time for everyone to learn more about the contributions and cultures of the indigenous peoples of North America.

We’re working in collaboration with Native Spirit UK to co-curate a section of short and feature films by indigenous film makers looking at traditional and contemporary Native American life.

The films will be screened on line from the 6 to the 12 November and have daily themes.

Friday 6 November (Traditions)
1. Pow Wow Experience (10mins)
2. Manasie Akpaliapik
3. Ink Runs Deep (16min)

Saturday 7 November 
– Juliana and the Medicine Fish (Feature length family film)

Sunday 8 November 
– Fire Bear (8mins. Family friendly)
– Connection (7:59)

Monday 9 November (Smudging)
– As the Smoke Rises (12mins) Traditional documentary-style about smudging
– Full Circle (3min) Film about smudging

Tuesday 10 November (Resistance and demonstration)
– Warrior Women (1hr)

Wednesday 11 November (Contemporary youth culture)
– The Spider (7min)
– Hey Cuzin (8min)
– I Am Me (4:26min)

Thursday 12 November (Tradition and healing)
– Long Ride Home (1 hr)

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