American Museum in Britain Recommended By Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

April 7, 2016 - Mark Martin

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The American Museum in Britain has been named one of the top attractions in Somerset by Darwin Escapes who own Bath Mill Lodge Retreat on the outskirts of the city.

The travel firm have been looking to highlight the top attractions in the regions surrounding its 16 resorts in order to improve the holiday experiences of its customers. The attraction will be brought to the attention of their extensive customer base via newsletters, leaflets and social media.

American Museum in Britain is the only museum outside of the USA which is devoted entirely to American culture showcasing the history of the country through art work, period displays and changing exhibitions. The current exhibition is called an American Toy Story and gives showcases memorabilia from some of the countries most popular film franchises as well as the toys that that have been created as part of this. This is a major reason why our Museum has been named as one of the top attractions in the region, with Darwin Escapes claiming that it ensures that the museum has something that appeals to visitors of all ages.

Our exhibition takes a look at the impact that movie licensing has had on toy production, with examples such as a 1970s Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars series of films.

You will also find mint-condition prized possessions from film fanatic’s collections including Donald Duck dolls from the 1930s and an example of the 1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Video Game for the Atari which was one of the most popular Christmas gifts of that year.

Of course our usual displays showcasing the history of the country and its origins will still be on display for the benefit of customers, including our period rooms including Conkey’s Tavern and Deming Parlour.