Work Experience – Summer 2015

July 31, 2015 - Sharon Blanchard and Victoria

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So far this summer eight students have joined us here at the Museum for work experience. We have given them a variety of tasks to perform, not just shadowing in the Period Rooms but conducting market research, developing ideas for a garden-based backpack activity, working in the Herb Shop, conducting visitor surveys, taking photographs, and writing for the website or social media. Above Danielle is learning how to make a Tussie Mussie in the Herb Shop.

Below you will see a selection of the photographs taken by Xavier in response to a brief to create a children’s ‘object discovery hunt’. How many of the objects in Xavier’s photographs can you identify?




Our Spanish student, Victoria, wrote about her time with us for this blog:
When I decided to be a volunteer at the Museum I was a little bit scared, because I didn’t have any idea about what I would be doing. The first week I kept being scared, because I didn’t want to get lost in the Museum. I have to say that I got lost a couple of time, but it’s normal, because the Museum is quite big.
One of the most important things about this work experience was the variety of activities. I was in different rooms learning about them and the American culture, I had to give out surveys to the visitors to learn about their experience, translate some information about the Museum and look for some activities for the children in the garden and important or quirky dates in the history of America.
And the most important thing at the Museum was the volunteers. There are a lot, but all of them are very kind. Some of them talked to me to teach me about America; others, in the tea breaks, talked to me to ask me about my day. But all of them tried to help me to improve my English and I’m very grateful about that.


Thanks to all of our volunteers and staff for making their time with us so fulfilling and enjoyable. The work experience programme continues over the summer with another six students set to join us.