Hatched, Matched, Dispatched Family Tree

July 6, 2015 - Oriana and Katherine (work experience)

Family Tree!

There has been an incredible response to the museum’s request for visitors to share some of their beloved, and even heartbreaking, memories with us on the Family Tree in the exhibition ‘Hatched, Matched, Dispatched and Patched. The huge response does, however, mean that we have had to take down some of the memory leaves from display, even though they are all so lovely, so there is room for more memory leaves from people who visit the museum over the summer months.  In doing so we have been captivated and emotionally entangled in some of the stories we read so would like to share with you our favourites. Love, Oriana and Katherine x

Here are some pictures of just some of the leaves that we have read!

Leaf Heart Kat's Fave


Oriana's Fave

The last two photos show our favourite two leaves!

The first picture of a leaf is Kat’s Favourite leaf we have seen so far: 

It reads “I remember when my daughter was born–25 years ago–I put her in a very fine 1 ply knitted bonnet my mum had made-Her head was too big for it- I still brought her home in it with a matinee jacket.”

Here is what Kat said about it: I liked this leaf as it reminded me of stories my mum would tell me about my siblings and I! It also is a good memory for other people to read and have a giggle at. Katherine

The second picture of a leaf is Oriana’s Favourite leaf we have seen so far: 

It reads ‘I wear a gold half sovereign for my grandfather. It was sent to him in a tin of lyles golden syrup to a prisoner of war camp in Germany 1916- he escaped and carried it home.’

Here is what Oriana thought of it: Personally this was my favorite because it was a unique story that stood out to me. Full of determination and how memories can be kept alive. Oriana x