Volunteering in the Gardens

July 29, 2014 - Michelle Homes

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My name is Michelle and since March I have been volunteering in the museum gardens, this has involved everything from seed sowing for the Colonial vegetable patch, which shows examples of some of the crops that would have been grown by settlers in the 17th century, to helping to re-skin the Wigwam. Working in the museum grounds has included helping to decorate the garden for the Yarn-bomb trail over Easter weekend and preparing for the Trustees’ visits.

Michelle watering

Currently the gardens are full of bright and contrasting colours to match the Kaffe Fassett exhibition. With the hot and dry weather we have had in recent weeks a lot of time has been spent watering and deadheading to keep plants looking their best. The most recent task in the gardens has been on The Lewis and Clark trail which features some of the 80 trees and shrubs discovered by the two explorers in America.

Michelle working in the grounds

My time working in the gardens is giving me extra experience which I hope will help me in my future career as I am currently studying Horticulture at Wiltshire College and has confirmed that working in a large garden or estate is what I want to do.

Michelle in the greenhouses

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