New To Our Folk Art Gallery

March 25, 2014 - David Webb


We are pleased to welcome two beautiful new pieces into the museum’s Folk Art Gallery.  Painted by Tim Rossiter, these are excellent modern examples of the exuberance and naivety that run deep in the traditions of Folk Art.

Representing scenes from the countryside, one panel captures a rural farmstead with a golden wheat field and cawing crows.  The harvest theme of the central image is continued around the border with glimpses of ripened fruit and vegetables. The second panel shows a race meeting in the middle of a race.  We, the onlookers, are viewing the course from behind a rustic wooden fence while the horses are depicted mid-gallop using a wonderfully stylized perspective. The themes of chance and gambling are pursued around the outside.

Tim Rossiter panel

These panels are now on display in our Folk Art Gallery as excellent examples of the Folk Art genre which is quite distinct from fine art and can perhaps be best described as ‘exuberant pieces of art and craft – of the people, by the people, for the people’.

Tim Rossiter panels

The artist, Tim Rossiter, paints in oils, thinned with liquin, a modified alkyd resin, which allows him to paint in translucent glazes on a snowy white ground of up to 7 layers of acrylic gesso, laid on panel.

Tim Rossiter panel

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