In springtime, the only pretty knitting time…

February 26, 2014 - Sharon Boak

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February has almost disappeared for another year, and the bulbs are already breaking through the saturated earth, promising spring and bright colours to come. At the American Museum, we anticipate an abundance of colour throughout 2014; with our exhibition Kaffe 2014: The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett, as well as the beautiful tinctures of nature throughout the Museum grounds.

Another guarantee of bright colours to come is the Easter Yarn Bombing Trail! Over the Easter weekend (Friday 18th April to Monday 21st April) the Museum grounds will be bedecked with knitted delights for children – young and old – to discover.


Yarn bombing as an art form amalgamates the disciplines of installation art, knitting, needlework, and street art. Handmade items are attached to trees or street fixtures (for example), or positioned – often in unexpected places – within the landscape. Yarn bombing also brings together knitters and crocheters of all abilities, who, like the volunteers at the American Museum (and many more besides), successfully take ownership of the project; spreading the anarchic explosion of colour and wool, which never fails to raise a smile.

Following the success of our 2013 Easter Yarn Bombing Trail, an enthusiastic troop of volunteer knitters and crocheters have rallied once more (and indeed grown in number!) to create yet more marvellous woollen wonders: from flowers and Easter bunnies, to bunting, paper chains, food, and even notable U.S. landmarks. To say much more would spoil the surprises in store!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely ladies of Wool, Bath who have generously donated yarn for our project at the Museum. The case-full of woollen treasure I dragged up to the Museum on public transport was duly raided at our initial planning meeting last month, when volunteers exchanged ideas and patterns over tea and cake. Even back in my office, the supply of wool is regularly stormed, as new colours are sought for various projects and ideas.


On Wednesday 19th February, a few of the yarn bombing ladies gathered for a knit and natter (again) over coffee and cookies. They are very accepting of my beginner attempts to master different stitches, and I am in awe of their patience and perseverance, taking on the various projects and ideas I’ve flung at them (curved balls, of the woollen variety!). I think it is great testimony to how art and craft can bring people together, as shown by the carefree sing-a-long that ensued, whilst we knitted away!


We are hugely grateful to Laura Batten and her team at Wool Bath for their generous support in donating yarn galore for our creative endeavours. 

Wool; Bath's Premier Knitting Emporium

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