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December 10, 2013 - Beatrice Goddard

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Our Christmas craft fair is this weekend (Friday 13 December – Sunday 15 December, 12noon – 4.30pm)! Are you thinking of coming along? Here is some more information about some of the crafters who will be here and a few photographs to whet your appetite.

Rebecca Board has seventeen years of experience in making baskets.  She works from home and grows and gathers many of her own materials.  Whilst the main wood she uses is willow, she is particularly interested in the wide variety of different plant materials that can be woven such as rushes, hazel, and hedgerow and garden woods, and choosing combinations of weaves that reflect the natural world and the landscapes in which the materials grow.

willow frame baskets~2013 craft fair

At ‘bud & blossom’ Hannah James creates timeless and original typographic art work and home ware accessories.  All of her creations are printed by hand onto natural fabrics such as pure linen, hemp, jute, flax and cotton.  For her bespoke framed linen pieces, cards and cushions each letter is hand printed onto the linen therefore each piece is truly unique.  The hand printing does not result in uniform, straight lines but in a much more visually interesting and characterful script, rich in rustic charms.  She will also be selling reclaimed tile chalk boards and vintage book clocks.

Bud & Blossom~2013 craft fair

Hans Borgonjon’s contemporary ceramic art constantly seeks new modes of expression; in his hands clay takes myriad forms.  He produces large conceptual, elemental constructed and abstract forms as well as unique figurative ceramics and ceramic vessels.  For the American Museum fair he will be selling small functional ware: porcelain tealights, small cups, vases, brooches, baubles and cufflinks.

Hans Borgonjon~2013 craft fair

Hann’s Made has evolved from Hannah Burr’s passion for discovering ‘tired’ pieces of good quality home accessories to re-paint and transform into items which are unique and revitalised, but still retain their ‘used’ character.  Her inspiration for colour, finish, texture and choice of materials originates from vintage themes, to create well-worn, well-loved pieces that will compliment any home.  She will be showing seasonal handmade rag wreaths, rag rug seat covers among other decorative items.

Anna Casserley is a professional carver who makes wooden spoons and other domestic ware from following a family legacy in Craft.  She hand carves functional and beautiful spoons that are a joy to use.  Each spoon is hand carved using traditional tools and techniques from wood that is sustainability sourced from Gloucestershire.

Anna Casserley~2013 Craft Fair

Roberta Hopkins ‘s contemporary silver jewellery is made in her studio in Cornwall. Her unique, individual pieces are made using sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones, occasionally incorporating other elements such as Ancient Egyptian Faience beads, Fossilised Mammoth Bone or Sea Glass.  Because she loves the organic feel of natural materials, she likes to forge and texture the silver with vintage hammers and punches to produce beautiful individual pieces that echo the rugged Cornish landscape and ancient Egyptian treasures that inspire me.  The silver is left only lightly polished to maintain its earthy handmade quality.

Sterling silver earrings by Roberta Hopkins

Sterling silver earrings by Roberta Hopkins

Steve Mills makes domestic ceramic ware specialising in jug, vase and bottle forms, often with boldly altered shapes and subtle decorations.  Most of his work is wheel-made and high-fired to stoneware temperatures in either a wood-fired saltglaze kiln, a gas, or a wood-assisted gas kiln.  He uses a local high firing brick clay, which although loaded with iron-rich mudstone which has to be sieved out this by-product can then be used for decorating, either with a brush or as a slip.

Steve Mills~2013 craft fair

Paul Freddy Payne designs and makes bespoke atmospheric lighting and lithophanes from porcelain.  The hand built porcelain is combined with glass fibre forming sheets, figurative images are then laminated between layers.  Textured patterns from embossed, burnt away materials produce translucent sculptural lighting.  Styles range from historical to contemporary and each piece is individually crafted then produced in small batches in the studio.  Popular designs include those incorporating a Coat of Arms, logo, initials or portrait.  He will be showing both candle sleeves and tea light holders.

Freddy Payne~2013 craft fair

Penkridge Ceramics’ success lies in the creation of the ‘real thing’ when it comes to ceramic fruits, vegetables and horse chestnuts.  This stand-alone collection was established in 1984 by MA Ceramics graduates, Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart.  All design work, glaze development and production is carried out in the studio in Walsall, in the West Midlands.  The attention to detail is paramount, each piece is individually considered, with several layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture, giving a ‘super-real’ effect and accuracy of finish.  Their influences lie in trompe l’oeil and early still life paintings of fruits, which demonstrates the beauty of the organic forms along with the accuracy and detail required to represent the ‘real thing.’

Phaedra Glass, established by Phaedra Politis, creates a wide range of hand crafted designer glass for your home/living space. Using a kiln fusing process, Phaedra designs and produces glass splashbacks and tiles, glass tableware and dinner sets, glass art and architectural glass.

Pheadra Politis~2013 craft fair

Space 1 comprises of three graduates from Bath Spa University in 3D Design: Ceramics, Martha Orr, Jane Elizabeth Skuse, Jo Corbett.  Martha Orr coils large vessels in stoneware, burnishing them to a sheen and low firing them in an electric kiln.  She also makes architectural models, sculptures and ladder forms.  Jo Corbett produces delightful brightly coloured jugs among many other forms.  Jane Skuse hand builds and decorates individual figurative pieces inspired by Japan.  She also makes small batch production pieces, delicate porcelain jewellery and individual statement plates.

Sasha Wardell is known for her pioneering approach in moving forward the traditional process of bone china production.  Her hallmark style is a distinctive combination of pure white slip cast bone china, treated with unique decorating techniques and finished in a carefully chosen palette of muted subtle colours.  Her carefully produced distinctive work embraces and reflects contemporary taste and lifestyle.

Bone China Urchin Table Setting by Sasha Wardell

Bone China Urchin Table Setting by Sasha Wardell

Nicola Werner is unusual among potters in that she is also a painter.  She combines both disciplines in her tiled murals which are inspired by nature and by the pottery styles of European majolica, faïence and Delftware.  They often feature hens and her own invented Bird, a long-beaked creature with splendid tail and beady eye.  She will also be showing her Majolica pottery.

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