Christmas Preparations

November 26, 2013 -

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For the past few weeks my desk and even the floor of my office have been covered in various materials needed for making this year’s Christmas decorations. It is a testament to the patience and understanding of my office mate that she kept smiling, even when decoration production encroached into the library reading room.

Oriana gears

Work started earlier in the year when we painted wooden gears in metallic colours and smothered them with glitter. Several volunteers helped with this task at a Christmas workshop but we still had to call for extra help from one of my Christmas elves. These fabulous cogs were supplied by the lovely people at Cog ‘O’ Two. Their standard size cogs were going to be too small for our 17 foot tall Christmas tree but they were happy to custom cut larger cogs that wouldn’t get lost among the branches of our giant tree.

Tree gears

So, decorations for the tree sorted. Now, what to hang above the tree? The inspiration struck – courtesy of Martha Stewart – a few weeks before we closed for the Christmas set up. Papier mache hot air balloons! Obviously they had to be Steampunked up to fit with our industrial inventions theme – Martha’s lovely pastels just would not do. It was metallic paint all the way.

Hot air balloonsDrying balloons

The large tables in the reading room provided the perfect space for balloon production. And where better to dry the balloons then hanging between two chairs in the same room?!

Hat production

The week before we closed decoration production moved up a notch after it was suggested that I hang Steampunk hats from the main staircase garland. Finding the right size hats proved tricky. The only ones that looked close were on sale in America and unlikely to be delivered in time. Then success! When I found a great pattern for making my own top hats – in 4 different sizes – on the Fleece is Fun website. My desk was quickly lost underneath the many hats in various stages of production.

Hat desk

I think that it was at this stage that my office mate decided, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’. It wasn’t long before her desk was also covered in ribbons, beads, lace, cogs, buttons, chains, and anything else that we could find to decorate these hats with.

Chainsaw Dave

Decoration production stopped when the tree was delivered last week. Dave set to trimming the tree stump so that it would fit into the metal stand. Determined to make this task easier, he used his chainsaw with great enthusiasm…

Tiny tree

… Maybe too much enthusiasm. Erm, I think that you trimmed off too much Dave!

Tree decorating

Just kidding 🙂 We needed the big step ladders and a long pole to hang the decorations at the top of the tree. We finished decorating the tree this morning which meant that I had time to make a little decoration for me. My very first Steampunk goggles which I will be wearing to tomorrow’s members’ preview.

Steampunk goggles


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