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Yule-reka! Celebrate Christmas at the American Museum 28 November to 22 December 2013

September 5, 2013 - Jenni Lloyd

Every Christmas the American Museum is transformed for the festive season and this year it is celebrating ingenious inventions throughout history.  From 28 November to 22 December 2013, each Period Room is dedicated to a different innovation: from the crazy swim fins invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1717 to the swivel chair designed by Thomas Jefferson, who reputedly drafted the Declaration of Independence while sitting in his creation.

Professor Crank is having trouble with his time machine and pieces are dropping off wherever he lands.  Visitors, particularly the younger ones, are encouraged to look out for the cogs and levers that have fallen in the Period Rooms.

The magnificent 17-foot Christmas tree that fills the Central Hall is smothered in handcrafted decorations and these individual ornaments offer inspiration to visitors year after year.

An American Christmas is a special late-night opening on Friday 6 December when you can enjoy the Museum’s decorations after hours, an especially magical time at the Museum.  Enjoy some seasonal refreshments in the Orangery café before immersing yourself in the Christmas spirit.  Sounding It Out, the lively and renowned West Country choir, is joined by the internationally-acclaimed American singer Michael Harper for an American musical journey ranging from Gospel through Appalachian carols, and from Shape Note to classical Christmas music.  Audience participation is guaranteed.

The Museum’s shops will be selling a range of original Christmas gifts and decorations.  The Christmas Craft Fair, where local craftspeople will be selling their highly original handmade gifts from 13 to 15 December, is another ideal opportunity to finish your Christmas shopping.

On Sunday 22 December Father Christmas will be at the Museum to help celebrate the last day of the Christmas festivities.


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