Tigger’s Diary – Road work disruption

September 27, 2013 - Tigger the Museum Cat

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In August Wessex Water started working on Claverton Hill. In order to undertake this vital work, part of the road was closed and there is no access to the Museum from the A36 (Warminster Road) up Claverton Hill until this work is complete. We are about halfway through this road closure and Museum cat Tigger has been out to inspect the progress and report back.

Tigger closed road signThose of you who regularly visit the American Museum may have met me before. I like to hang out around the entrance to the Museum keeping an eye on things. I help to check tickets and direct traffic, and generally make visitors feel welcome. Life here at the entrance has been somewhat disrupted recently with the arrival of Wessex Water. Apparently they need to put some pipes for water underneath the road here – underground is the best place for water in my opinion, urgh, nasty stuff.

Anyway, they closed the road from the Museum entrance all the way down to the A36. (What a scary, busy road that is. I never venture down that far myself.) The work has disturbed my peaceful life here at the entrance so when I was asked for a report about the progress I happily obliged. I found a spare human and asked them to help with photographs. (I’m not great with a camera, can’t say I really care for all this newfangled technology.)


Now I know how my cousins at Longleat feel. Not sure why they had to put all this metal fencing up – is it to protect us from them or are they scared of this gentle little pussy cat (rowr!)? I better keep my eye out for any labels. I hope there aren’t plans afoot to make me a permanent exhibit at the Museum. I’m a busy cat with places to be.


Well, let’s hope that the fences at Longleat aren’t that easy to get around. I just slipped underneath this one. Of course that is an easy task for a cat of my skill and dexterity. I can’t imagine those lazy lions down the road are capable of the gymnastics that I can do.


For one thing, I bet they couldn’t balance like this could they? I know that you are staring in wonder at my skill here. How am I keeping my balance? Check out that muscle structure underneath my beautiful coat. I’ll be honest, it has taken years to hone my skills but I think that you will agree that they are magnificent. Now, how do I get down…


Do you call that a hole?? I’ve dug bigger holes in my cat litter tray and with no machinery either. Maybe these folks should have asked for help from a professional. Although I am getting a little old for all that malarky. Greeting visitors to the Museum is really all I want to do now I am retired. Hmmm, maybe I should check out some of the other equipment they are using. Perhaps that is where the problem is.


This doesn’t look like anything special. I am sure that I can work out how to use it.


Is the brake down this side?


Oh, I need to use the controls on this side!


Actually, I just remembered I need to have my afternoon nap. It’s been fun checking out what’s been going on but I am an important cat with places to be and people to see. It looks like we still have another 5 weeks of all of this disruption and it is making life at the Museum more eventful than usual. Having spent so much time by the entrance, I know the folks working on this pretty well now. If I find out anything more about the works from them I will be sure to share it with you. In the meantime, I think I saw a warm spot of sand somewhere round here…


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