Invasion of the Knitted Things

March 29, 2013 -

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Visitors to the Museum yesterday may have noticed strange knitted items sprouting up around the grounds. Our weather-hardy team were busy installing the Easter trail ready for the weekend.

Truck                    YB_1495                   YB_1504

This year’s Easter Trail is inspired by the urban art form, Yarn-bombing. Hundreds of knitted things have been installed around the Museum’s grounds – some high, and some low.


The Avenue of Pompoms is not to be missed and certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face on even the gloomiest of days.



It’s not just pompoms that are decorating the grounds, little critters have also invaded. Look out for the family of white mice and the Easter chicks that are visiting the Mount Vernon Garden.

YB_9177          YB_9173

A tired donkey has hitched a ride in the Conestoga wagon. Some of our trees are wearing bright patchwork blankets to try and keep warm!

YB_9167               YB_1494

A bench on the South side of the house has had an alarming number of kitted mushrooms and flowers grow all over it.

YB_9186               YB_9193

If you do come to visit the Museum to see these knitted works of art in person, be sure to pick up a trail sheet at reception. Once you have answered all of the questions, take your sheet to the cafe to get your prize – follow the knitted eggs to find the way to the cafe!

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