Great Balls of Yarn!

March 22, 2013 -

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The American Museum’s 2013 Easter trail (Friday 29 March to Monday 1 April) embraces the urban graffiti trend known as ‘Yarn Bombing’. Sharon Boak, Visitor Services Administration Assistant (and Yarn Bombing project coordinator) explains more:

This year’s Easter trail  is already looking to be our most imaginative and exciting yet. Inspired by the increasingly popular street art known as ‘Yarn Bombing’ – where colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn are used to brighten and adorn public spaces – a team of volunteers, local Brownies and Guides, and staff (old and current) have created an amazing array of knitted items to hide around the Museum’s grounds.

Knitted biscuits

The volunteer knitters have been hard at work over the long winter and it has been a huge privilege to witness their creativity and growing ownership of the project. Some fantastic things have been knitted; from bunting and paper chains, to toadstools and flowers; mice, bunnies, bumble bees, even platters of food and biscuits – all of which look good enough to eat!

Knitted bunnies            Pom poms

Novice knitters (like me) have also enjoyed taking part in the project. For my part, I’ve knitted an oversized ‘Stars and Stripes’ scarf for our bust of Abraham Lincoln in the grounds. While some might argue this is irreverent, I think old Abe’ would have approved. I was sorely tempted to yarn bomb my desk at one point, but to my delight, one of my colleagues pre-empted my plans, showing how we are all getting enthused about the project. Equally exciting was the delivery last week of over 1000 pom-poms made by the 30th Bath Combe Down Brownie and Guides Unit; an amazing contribution to our Easter trail.

Yarn bombed desk

With only a week to go, I now have the challenge of finding places to install our colourful handiwork. Thankfully, I will have assistance in installing the items; even for a team of individuals hanging over 1000 pom-poms will be quite a feat! While some of the creations will be placed logically around the grounds – knitted flowers growing out of pots and the like – we hope to surprise our visitors with more unusual placements…but saying any more would give too much away!

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