2017 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

This year’s Annual Appeal is a very special one, for we are hoping – with your support – to bring the renovation of our Mount Vernon Garden to a glorious conclusion.

As you may know, our co-founders constructed a replica of George Washington’s Upper Garden at Mount Vernon, Virginia, in 1962, and in the intervening years this colourful set piece has been the jewel in the crown of the Claverton Manor estate.  About ten years ago, however, the curators in Virginia discovered that their garden was in fact not faithful to Washington’s design when he died in 1799.  They have therefore carried out extensive research, both in the archives and in the soil, and several years ago completely revised the layout and planting of the famous Upper Garden.  It now looks quite wonderful, and it has a wonderful tale to tell its visitors.

We are now in the throes of accomplishing the same task here in Bath.  With the generous support of the Frances K. and Charles D. Field Foundation in California, our Head Gardener Andrew Cannell and I have commissioned a complete renovation of our garden, including a new retaining wall and picket fence, a historically accurate parterre that pays tribute to the Marquis de Lafayette, and a large crescent garden that encloses a small plantation of fruits and vegetables.  The new garden will open in March of next year.

But two important features in the garden remain to be funded: the renovation of Washington’s seed house, and the construction of a series of Versailles planters, all of which are integral to the design of the Upper Garden in Virginia.

We hope that you will help donate generously to the Appeal this year and thus enable the Museum to bring this important project to a successful conclusion.

Sincerely yours

Richard Wendorf


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